Not an official listing (this could be your dream job!)
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    It seems very likely at this point that I am leaving my very awesome parish job (see my previous postings if you don't know what that is) for a tremendous opportunity back near extended family.

    I have no grievances, the boss is great, you get to do outstanding music at a high level with some of the coolest volunteers I've ever worked with, instrumentalists (brass and violin) in house, a gorgeous organ, a stunning church that has an outstanding (and will soon have a much better) acoustic, OF and EF Masses, parish accompanists and cantors who can sub for you if you need to be gone of a weekend, some (minimized from my time) school-side work with a dedicated group of extremely talented youngsters (the seniors next year have the right spirit to lead through this transition). All ensconced in an idyllic, charming, safe, walkable, picturesque small town on a beautiful lake in SW (the less snowy part of) MN.

    I have fought the political battles so you don't have to anymore. This job is a dream job. If you might be interested in more information, as we await the official listing, please PM me. I am anxious to leave this job, and what I have built over six years here, in hands better than my own.
  • Looking forward to having you come home!
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    Well done, good and faithful servant!

    Knowing where you are, you have built something incredible. It is definitely a model to follow. For anyone looking to establish (or perhaps conclude) a career, this is well worth the time to investigate.

    Good luck and Godspeed in your next position!
  • How wonderfully exciting to read: a good musician leaving his position with no acid-tongued words about those he's leaving, and no cause for those acid tongued words in his successor.

    Uplifting is an overused word, often mostly referring to a cotton-candy high, so someone help me, please, come up with a better word to describe this.
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    Chris, your comments have given me so much peace about parting ways. This is the way to go, feeling like you could stay for years.
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    Rollingrj, thank you for your help seven years ago in bringing me out here. What a fruitful and joyful adventure it has truly been for us.

    Matt, indeed it will be great to be back! Don’t know if I can deal with the Cathedral Basilica’s blue robes, though...
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    Firsthand knowledge of NihilNominis’ fine work and his amazing program at aforementioned Parish Nonnatus with one of the tallest reredos altarpieces in the U.S.

    God bless the move and those who succeed the throne.
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    What a gracious and warm post.
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    Sadness... but how can you keep them down on the farm after they've seen Paree? I recruited this talented young man to come to Sleepy Eye from 'out East' to replace the loss of another awesome organist and choir man, Jacob Flaherty - still miss him! Lost him to the big city, too. My grieving heart needs a reprieve from too many losses these past 2 years.
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