Colloquium New Music Reading submission deadline extended
  • Given the many obligations facing musicians in the midst of preparing for Corpus Christi, the Feast of the Sacred Heart, and the end of the parish choral season generally, the submission deadline for the New Music Reading Session has been extended by one week, to June 17th. If you are a composer with works to submit -- a motet or two, a Mass movement or two, or some combination thereof, as long as it totals 15 pages or fewer -- please send them to in PDF format. When doing so, please be sure to include your contact information (e-mail address, website, etc.) for inclusion in the table of contents -- important information for prospective performers and commissioners of your works!

    Composers with Finale or Sibelius who may be confused as to how best to produce a PDF of their works should consider installing CutePDF, a free program that acts as a printer driver. The software and download instructions are available here. If you have a handwritten score, you can bring it to a local copy center (Kinko's, Staples, OfficeMax, etc.) and have them scan it for you. As previously noted, the PDF requirement and $20 submission fee -- payable through PayPal or by check to our programs office (address in the footer of this page), and which covers the cost of printing the volume -- saves you from having to make 200 copies of each of your submitted compositions.
  • Please note that the $20 submission fee covers the entire submission. So whether you send one piece or two, it's still $20.
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    Can we extend all deadlines for all things? The colloquium preparation crush is killing us all. It seems today like nothing was done until recently and yet we know that everyone has been working for an entire year on this thing. Overwhelming. and wonderful too of course! It will be more wonderful once all this stuff is done and we actually get there! AOZ has been beyond belief in all of these preparations. How is it possible to put together a thing of this size and scale on volunteer efforts? Got to be a miracle here.