• Suzanne
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    I'm relatively new to Night Prayer and am learning the Latin Marian Antiphons.
    I am wondering why the simple tone Regina Caeli doesn't include this part which is
    in the iBreviary: "Gaude et laetare, Virgo Maria, alleluia. Quia surrexit Dominus vere, alleluia."
    Can anyone enlighten me?
  • Earl_GreyEarl_Grey
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    Gaude et laetare is a versicle sung after the antiphon with the respond Quia surrexit... followed by the collect prayer. The versicle and respond are typically sung on a single pitch, droping a m3 at the end of each line, and the collect can be chanted to one of the collect formulas. If you are looking at the Parish Book of Chant at #215 you will see the text all there following the solemn tone of the Regina Caeli. The same would be true for the Simple tone, it's just not reprinted to save space.

    This is true for all the votive antiphons, Alma Redemptoris, Salve Regina, and Ave Regina Caelorum. There is the antiphon proper, which can be sung on it's own, or it can be followed by the versicle, resond and collect as prescribed in night prayer.
  • Suzanne
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    Thank you.
  • Suzanne,

    Many similar sorts of prayers and hymns are followed by the versicle and response, at least in the traditional singing of them. The Veni Creator, sung at Pentecost, has its own proper set of versicles, and so does the Asperges me, as does the Vidi Aquam, and (as Earl Grey points out) each of the Marian antiphons.
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  • ScottKChicago
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    Could the versicle and collect have been suppressed in the 1975 LotH?
  • Scott,

    I suppose it's possible, but there wasn't any reason to suppress it: it involved ordinary lay folk having a response; it could be massacred like the rest of the translation; the versicle and collect are used (mostly) among those who pray the Office, rather than adding uselessly to the time needed for no-repetitions-Mass.
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  • ServiamScores
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    I suppose it's possible, but there wasn't any reason to suppress it

    I'll just leave this here... with no commentary upon everything that has happened in the wake of the council... lol.
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  • Suzanne
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    They include the versicle in both Latin & English in iBreviary