• Drake
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    I composed this setting of Diviserunt Sibi for SATB yesterday on Good Friday. Free PDF and playback are available at the following link:


    Hoping it may be of use to someone for a future Triduum.
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    This is a piece well worth meditating upon while listening - and well worth using for a future Triduum.
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  • Thank you. You've improved my weekend.
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  • Dear Michael,
    would you ever consider writing some music for TTB(B)? I really love your music but we (a small schola of male voices) can't sing your music.
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  • Drake
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    @VocesCapituli, that is very kind of you.

    I would consider writing more for TTB/TBB. What is a good range for your schola? My parish choirs currently have a scarcity of true basses, so I rarely write even a G2 into my pieces -- although this piece has a couple.

    Much of what I compose is tailored for the choirs at my own parish, but I do have a few pieces for all-male voices. While my newer compositions are generally better than my older ones and have better voice leading, I do have this Tota Pulchra Es from 2015 (written for our own men's schola at the time), and more recently a Byzantine sounding Kyrie. Both are in the male range and could be sung by three baritones in a pinch.

    Some of my compositions for women's voices might be approachable too, transposed down an octave, such as Jesu Dulcis Memoria or Ubi Caritas.

    Right now, our women's schola is singing more of my music, so that's why most of what I've written recently has been for SSA, SAA, or even SA.
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