Brass Accompaniments for Eucharistic Hymns
  • FSSPmusic
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    I am seeking accompaniments for well-known English and Latin Eucharistic hymns arranged for brass quintet, such as:
    Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All
    O Jesus, We Adore Thee/O Sacrament Most Holy
    Soul of My Savior
    Panis angelicus (Lambillotte)
    O esca viatorum (Haydn)
    O salutaris hostia (Werner)
    Tantum ergo (St. Thomas)

    Does anyone have these or know where I might find them, either free or for sale?
  • davido
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    Are you looking for arrangements or for the 4 part hymn score notated in separate parts for:
    B flat trumpets


    By when do you need these scores? I could engrave them for you but not during Holy Week.
  • FSSPmusic
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    Standard four-part harmonizations for Corpus Christi (June 19). I could also engrave them myself by then, but wanted to see if someone's done them already. After tomorrow I'll have a better idea of how many hymns and stanzas we'll need. And yes, probably better to plan for quartet instead of quintet (no horn in procession).
  • GambaGamba
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    no horn in procession

    This is mellophone erasure!