Sacred Musician looking for a place to serve
  • I am a 25 year old organist and choir director with ten years of liturgical music experience looking for new opportunities to serve the Church, since my current position has been severely affected by the poor economy....

    I have a BA in Liberal Arts and Apostolic Catechetical Diploma from Magdalen College. [If you are not familiar with Magdalen's program, they do not offer a music degree, but all students study music (including Gregorian chant and chordal harmony) and sing in the College Choir for four years.] I have studied all Church documents on music intensively; sung and directed chant, polyphony, hymns, and choral masterworks; studied organ and accompanied the Magdalen College Choir for four years as a student, as well as several parish choirs; planned music for the liturgy for over 2 years, and have taught/tutored beginning music theory and chant notation to college freshmen.

    I also have a Plenary Teacher's Certification from NAPCIS (National Association of Private, Catholic and Independent Schools) and taught art, choir, religion, and Introduction to Latin at a small Catholic high school for 2 years.

    I am very enthusiastic about promoting the return of quality liturgical music to American parishes and schools, especially in the NH, Ohio, upstate New York, or Indiana areas, and am willing to relocate for the right opportunity.

    Any suggestions for job openings would be most appreciated! Thank you and God Bless.
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    The Lyceum School in Cleveland, OH (a NAPCIS school) was looking for a choir director / teacher, though at this point I do not know whether or not it is full-time or whether they have filled the position already. But it would be worth you while to call the school and speak to the Headmaster. I taught there and was involved with the choir for two years. They rehearse three times a week and have a fine repertoire of chant and polyphony. You can hear them yourself at

    Sam Schmitt
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    Can we clone you?
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    Ditto what Pes said! And I think we ought to clone Magdalen's program, too.
  • There are a list of jobs at:

    When I created it I had no idea I would be using it myself!
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    Pangelingua83, I'm so impressed with your background and enthusiasm. Sorry I cannot help you much with your job search, but I had to say that I wish you the best.
    I'm also glad you are from Magdalene college. I was very very impressed when I read about the college from the web. I even posted here a few month ago.

    I wish all the seminarians get this much music education. We will have so many singing parishes.
  • Thank you all for your advice and kind words thus far, especially about Magdalen College's program! I wish more people could benefit from the Choir program there because it invites young people to learn to sing, regardless of their talent or experience, and teaches them that liturgical music is not something just for the elite - everyone is called to participate in it, and it is such a source of joy!

    Please don't hesitate to contact the College for more information or spread the word about it yourself, because they are always eager to meet new contacts. Bobbie Ann Abson is the current Director of Admissions there, and she'd be happy to send you information or answer any questions you may have.
  • Pange--

    I'd be interested in talking with you about a possible opportunity. Send me an email at
  • We're looking to hire a new Music Director in Zanesville, OH. Please contact me if interested: vicar [at]
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    We are searching for qualified musicians and would like to speak with you. Middletown, NY - Orange County just outside New York City.
  • Thank you all so much for your help! Within the last few weeks, I have accepted a teaching job in upstate NY (Oneida - east of Syracuse) where I will be involved with the student choir, as well as teaching Latin and religion. So while I am still interested in music director/organist/choir director positions, now they have to be in the Syracuse or Utica, NY areas. If anyone knows of any openings there, please do keep me posted! However, I know there have been a lot of parish closings and mergings in the last few years here, so I'm not sure what that likelihood would be. Again, I have greatly appreciated everyone's comments and suggestions to this point!
  • Our family just moved from the Syracuse diocese down South. Although there are a few places to find a haven, most of the churches are your run of the mill, Eagles Wings sort. Last year, the head of the Religious Education in the Syracuse Diocese brought in Schutte to do a workshop. Enough said.