Reading Psalm Tone Accompaniments
  • Bri
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    Our parish is working to put together our first sung Vespers service.

    I am a volunteer (although I am formally trained and have a degree in organ performance) coordinating the effort, but the parish music director will be playing the organ.

    The parish music director doesn't have any experience with reading psalm tones or psalm tone organ accompaniments.

    I am willing to meet with her to help her with this, but I thought it might also be helpful if I could share some videos that explaining the pointing of psalms and how to play the accompaniments that go along with the Mundelein Psalter.

    I did offer to play the organ if the music director isn't comfortable with doing this. However, I don't want to step on any toes. Plus, learning to accompany the psalm tones could be beneficial to the music director and provide her with more options of music to select from in the future, and having the music director involved could help to institutionalize the practice of having sung Vespers.

    Can anyone recommend any videos that could assist the music director in learning how to read psalm tone accompaniments?

    Thank you!
  • tomjaw
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    I was asked to look after an organist once for Vespers (EF), I printed out the text, as well as the music, so he could see the line lengths were different... He soon got the idea and all went well.
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