Fraternity of St. Peter Sacred Music Symposium
  • I’m excited to share that the Fraternity of St. Peter is bringing their Sacred Music Symposium back this year! One year I took my entire (small!) choir. They were all teens and it really ignited their passion for sacred music. A truly beautiful thing to see in the next generation which filled me with great hope for the future of sacred music. I couldn’t recommend it more highly for anyone wanting to improve their choir. Although choir directors will benefit the most from the academic courses, singers without experience in a large choir will benefit from singing under world-class conductors.

    On a personal note, I am helping to organize this event. I’m a homeschooling stay at home mom of 6 kids, I don’t get paid to share this, I am a volunteer. But it so drastically changed the quality of my choir and so inspired my young singers that I had to help support it in any way that I could according to my station in life. I hope many of you get to come and experience the joy of this Symposium first hand. It’s a little slice of heaven on earth to glorify the Lord and sing with the angels in Holy Mass.

    Faculty this year are top notch!

    Maestro Richard Clark (Music Director at the Boston Cathedral); Dr. Alfred Calabrese (Music Director of St Rita in Dallas); composer Maestro Kevin Allen; Charles Weaver (faculty at the Julliard school of music).

    More info:

    The Sacred Music Symposium is a refreshing retreat for choral directors and dedicated parish singers. The event is organized with the aim of promoting the use of authentic sacred music in parishes. The Symposium draws upon the expertise of leading conductors and composers in the field of sacred music to inspire, challenge and encourage those who provide music for Holy Mass.

    If anyone is interested in attending, the application is here:

    You can also see a video and testimonials here:

    Questions can be directed to:

    Hope to see you there!!
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    Maybe this will work: Los Angeles is worth including somewhere in the above, considering that the Fraternity of St. Peter is headquartered in Fribourg!
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  • so many fine conferences available this summer - bodes well for the church. there was nothing like this for church musicians in the 1980s!
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