Praglia AM: rhythmic signs
  • MatthewRoth
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    Apparently schema B of the Benedictine Liturgia Horarum is the most popular form, hence the need for a new antiphonale that doesn’t reflect that of Solesmes. But I find it curious that the book uses the rhythm markings, including dots, when Solesmes has entirely abandoned this, though I don’t understand dropping the episema given that it appears in the MSS — I know that this particular line is beating a dead horse somewhat, but if anyone has new insights, I’d love to hear it. Maybe I’ll write to Solesmes.

    In any case, I mention this because the Praglia books use MSS too… so such a task would have allowed them to drop the signs as well. Maybe it’s unpopular. I suppose I could write to the abbey there as well. But I figured that this was interesting enough to note here.
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