All MY Life, 1979
  • ReneA
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    All My Life is from the album Silent Letter, the eighth studio album by American folk rock duo America, released by Capitol Records in June 1979.

    America is one of my favorite band, growing up with this wonderful duo.  I literally grew up with America songs, and would like to dedicate this song to all my co-pilgrims to the Holy Land in Israel.  A once in a lifetime visit to Jesus' land.  We are so fortunate to have visited this beautiful and historic place, and so blessed to have the Holy sites to ourselves as Israel just recently opened their borders to the pildgrims of the world.

  • ReneA,

    Noting that this post is labelled "Amusements", I find myself compelled to ask: Do you find the work of America (the band, not the magazine or the nation) worthy for the worship of God, and, if so, in what contexts?
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    Here's an amusement for you:

    A friend in college asked for an America album as a Christmas gift and got an album of patriotic songs!