Director of Sacred Music in Camden, South Carolina
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church seeks a full-time director of sacred music and organist to develop and maintain a sacred music program that will support and enable the people of the parish to encounter more deeply the sacred mysteries of the liturgy. Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a suburban parish of approximately 400 families. The parish choral program consists of a parish schola and a Spanish language choir. The Director of Sacred Music will encourage full and active participation in sacred liturgy and be knowledgeable in the Church’s teachings and rich history of sacred music as accompaniment to liturgical action. The new Director of Sacred Music will continue to introduce and educate the parish on an historically informed approach to sacred music while encouraging an active and participatory congregation. If hired soon, the director will play a role in purchasing a new organ for the church as the current one no longer functions.

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a medium-sized parish of approximately (400) families in a suburb 30-40 minutes east of the capital of South Carolina: Columbia. With a Hispanic community also, the parish is growing in the somewhat small historic town that provides a peaceful setting.

    For more information or to submit cover letter, resume, and other materials, please contact
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