Shadows Vanished, Darkness Banished
  • ReneA
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    An original composition.

    Shadows Vanished, Darkness Banished - Music and Lyrics by Rene A
    I'm in the middle of the ocean
    Floating, straying like a drift wood
    I've got no control of where I'm going
    But trust in Him in every age and time

    I'm like a stardust in the universe
    Shadows and darkness engulf my senses
    But He who fashioned and stayed us
    To Him all glory and honor belong

    Let all things now living
    Give thanks and praise, Hosanna in the highest
    God our Creator
    Pure light before us

    In Him shadows have vanished
    With Him darkness is banished
    Through Him, our Lord Jesus Christ
    And the Holy Spirit, and God The Father