English version of 'Christus Factus est'
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    Any SATB or metrical hymn versions of the 'Christus Factus Est' in English?
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    Rutter gives usable English underlay to Bruckner's motets (European Sacred Music, OUP)
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    Guessing this is for some time in Holy Week, but I’ve got to plug F. Bland Tucker’s paraphrase of the whole Philippians 2 canticle.

    All praise to thee, for thou. O King divine,
    didst yield the glory that of right was thine,
    that in our darkened hearts thy grace might shine:

    Thou cam'st to us in lowliness of thought;
    by thee the outcast and the poor were sought,
    and by thy death was God's salvation wrought:

    Let this mind be in us which was in thee,
    who wast a servant that we might be free,
    humbling thyself to death on Calvary:
    Alleluia! Alleluia!

    Wherefore, by God's eternal purpose,
    thou art high exalted o'er all creatures now,
    and given the name to which all knees shall bow:

    Let every tongue confess with one accord
    in heaven and earth that Jesus Christ is Lord;
    and God eternal be by all adored:

    Tune: Engelberg (thus in Hymnal 1940 and 1982) or Sine Nomine (Tucker’s intended tune).
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    Just bumping this thread, to see if anyone has anything new to recommend. I'm still looking for something for this Holy Week.
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    The following is from the Scottish Psalter and Paraphrases. Entry at Hymnary.org

    Ye who the name of Jesus bear,
    his sacred steps pursue;
    And let that mind which was in him
    be also found in you.

    Though in the form of God he was,
    his only Son declared,
    Nor to be equally adored
    as robb’ry did regard;

    His greatness he for us abased,
    for us his glory vailed;
    In human likeness dwelt on earth,
    his majesty concealed:

    Nor only as a man appears,
    but stoops a servant low;
    Submits to death, nay, bears the cross,
    in all its shame and woe.

    Hence God this gen’rous love to men
    with honours just hath crowned,
    And raised the name of Jesus far
    above all names renowned:

    That at this name, with sacred awe,
    each humble knee should bow
    Of hosts immortal in the skies,
    and nations spread below:

    That all the prostrate pow’rs of hell
    might tremble at his word,
    And ev’ry tribe, and ev’ry tongue,
    confess that he is Lord.

    You could also search Hymnary by scripture reference.
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    There was an adaptation of a Palestrina setting into English, found in this volume. I've attached the setting here as a separate PDF.

    EDIT: Though this score claims to be composed by Palestrina, the original Latin motet is instead the O bone Jesu of Ingegneri.
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    This would be lovely sung to Tallis’s Third Mode Melody.
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    You might try this.
  • Please see the attached file.
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    There's also this piece by 19th-c. English composer George MacFarren:
    Our Lord Jesus Christ humbled himself.

    The piece is scored for choir plus organ accompaniment. However, since the organ basically doubles the choir (with occasional added octaves), the piece could probably be sung a cappella, given a solid-enough ensemble.
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