Lent book for children ages 8-12
  • Heath
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    (Off-topic music-wise, but I do hope this post will not be found unwelcome.)

    I'd like to share my new Catholic Kid 365: Lent 2022 book with you:


    It's designed for kids ages 8-12. You can see an extensive preview on the Amazon site.

    If you have kids in that age range or know families that do, take a look!
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  • CCoozeCCooze
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    This looks nice, Heath.

    Each year, we do the Lenten section from the “Life of Christ” of the Library of Catholic Devotion book set of the 1950s.
    My kids love this set, by the way, and I appreciate the way they put all of the 4 gospels into an order that makes the “story” easier to understand, plus the profound meditations at the end of each “story.”

    I think I’ll try to use your book for our morning prayers, and continue to use the LoC at the end of our evening prayers, for a very well-rounded Lenten practice. Thanks.
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  • Heath
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    CCooze, thank you!