Proper Antiphons other than English or Spanish
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    Does anyone know of projects translating any of the Proper antiphons from Latin into a language other than English (many sources) or Spanish (Janet Gorbitz)?

    Thanks in advance.
  • GerardH
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    This discussion might lead to Mandarin, Cantonese or Vietnamese attempts.

    And @smvanroode has his Klein Graduale in Dutch.

    There is also the Graduale Hungaricum, which I just discovered while going down the László Dobszay rabbit hole. I don't know if this is an adaptation of the full Graduale or the Graduale Simplex, and I suspect it also incorporates scholarship around plainchant in Hungary.
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  • Some people have tried to compose some Antiphons into French, but these ressources are very limited for the moment, and almost impossible to find.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    For Sundays and major festivals over 150 of them are identical with those in the Missal, mostly Introits.
  • I am doing some composition in portuguese.
  • One of our Monasteries was working on doing it French, but it is apparently very complicated because of the nature of that language and gregorian.
  • igneusigneus
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    German. Heinrich Rohr: Deutsches Messantiphonale.

    (Czech, but it was back in the 16th c. and the liturgical texts, language and tastes changed a lot since then, so the old Czech gradualia only come to a very limited use as a historical curiosity - excepting selected repertory of the Rorate masses.)
  • In Portuguese there is a project with all the antiphons of the Graduale Simplex adapted:
  • Kathy
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    At one point Notre-Dame Cathedral was singing them metrically in French, if memory serves.