• Palestrina
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    Has anyone come across a table somewhere that has BOTH the scripture references for the Gospels for all three years of Sundays, AND a brief synopsis of each e.g. 'The miracle of the loaves and the fishes'?

    I am fast learning that there is very little that I have thought of that somebody on this forum has not both thought of and actioned!
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  • tomjaw
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    Matthew Hazell has produced one for the EF, without the synopsis. Although most old Rite Missals had a synopsis.
  • MarkB
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    It's not in table format, but the Gregorian Missal provides the scripture citations for the Gospels in years A, B & C for each Sunday and major feast along with a short phrase that expresses the heart of the passage.

    Does the same for the first and second readings also.

    But you have to turn to the Sunday or feast in question instead of looking at a table.

    I suppose someone with time on his hands could use that information to compile a table.