Catholic News Service Video about TLM restrictions
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    Released today. Noteworthy because CNS is an arm of the USCCB. Note what is stated in the middle about how the problem was the promotion and expansion of the unreformed liturgy from before Vatican II. By releasing this video, the USCCB is showing its support for Traditionis Custodes.

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    yawn. praying rosaries for yall.
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  • Mark,

    This gets old. It is straightforwardly obvious that neither Pope Benedict nor Pope John Paul intended to curtail the celebration of the older form. (Both said so, explicitly.)

    As to the support of the USCCB, bureaucracies are bureaucratic. The USCCB has (if I understand correctly) no actual standing in Canon Law.
  • This seems like yet another thread dedicated to trad-baiting...
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    To the contrary, Chris: bishops' conferences aren't an object of Catholic doctrine, but they are organizations mentioned in the Code of Canon Law, which you should read sometime.

    As for the video, I doubt that it's any kind of statement by the USCCB. CNS is not the media spokesman of the USCCB: that role is held by the conference's Public Affairs Office. CNS, as a news service, should cover the story, and it's only normal for them to present the relevant Vatican official to talk about it. They may have asked the Archbishop to comment; or he may have asked CNS for an opportunity to make a statement. Either might be true.

    This seems like yet another thread dedicated to trad-baiting...

    ...which is why it's labeled "Opinions" and is sinking.
  • Chonak,

    I stand corrected. Thank you. I mis-stated my actual understanding, because I misremembered what Pope Benedict had said about it.
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    praying rosaries for yall.

    Which is important regardless of what else is going on.
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  • "Latin Mass restrictions" - and ordinary Catholics get confused once again. I wonder if anyone is banging on the doors of their local Ordinary to complain about how music directors are subverting Pope Francis's wishes by programming Gregorian chant in Latin.
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