New Vernacular, Congregational Sanctus -- for Comment
  • Working on a new setting of the ICEL Ordinary. I always dread setting the Sanctus in English, but I think this sings well. Founded on SLANE, which of course sings very well.

    Soliciting comments and suggestions for improvement.

    Not for use yet, if you please. Note the scary copyright notice at the bottom.
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    Very close to the hymn Be Thou My Vision.... don’t remember tune name
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    The tune's name is SLANE (Be Thou my vision).

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    He did say this in the OP…
  • francisfrancis
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    He did say this in the OP…
    sorry... my bad... did not read thouroghly...
  • Very singable.

    I think m.6 b.1may be awkward as the melody is "re" against a tonic harmonization on the strong beat.

    I wonder if it may be confusing to have contrary motion between congregation and organ in mm 8-9, since the organ descends while the melody goes up. It is probably not a significant hurdle to singing but I suspect it would create a moment of lingering awkwardness and/or missed entrances from the congregation that would never go away completely.

    Parallel 5ths alto and bass m.16 b3.
    I think the alto resolving up m17 b3 is awkward.
    I find the syllabification of "blessed is he who" in m18 to be jarring and unnatural.

    Multiple parallel 5ths m21 b3-m22b1.
    Parallel 5ths alto and bass m24 b3.