Musicians moving to Montana?? St. Richard's looking for cantors and choir members!
  • JMJ
    Hello, fellow liturgical musicians!

    I just want to welcome anyone who is moving or is thinking of moving to Montana!

    Things are on the up and up here as far as good liturgy goes (in the Diocese of Helena) and if any of you want to know of a good place to be involved with music, you can give St. Richard's in Columbia Falls (gateway to Glacier National Park) a try.

    We have the Traditional Latin Mass at 8 AM every Sunday, a Novus Ordo at 10 AM and beautiful Scholas to sing at both (an organist plays alone for the 4:30 PM Saturday vigil Mass). On First Saturdays there is a Latin Novus Ordo at 10 AM, and we're hoping that will move into a Sunday slot one of these days. A whole sanctuary restoration is in progress, including installing a communion rail, tile flooring, new tabernacle, ambo and high altar, and other beautifications. Pretty exciting stuff!

    I direct the Novus Ordo Schola which practices weekly so far only contains women (8) but is open to men and women. On the off Sundays when Schola does not sing, we're also looking for qualified cantors or interested musicians who would like cantor training to sing alone - or with an organist if one is available - for 1 or 2 liturgies a month.

    I've been covering all the free Masses myself and chanting the Propers, afraid to leave a vacuum in case any thing strange wanders in to supply the musical need. Our music director of 30 years resigned this past summer and our pastor has not filled her position, choosing for the time being to oversee that department himself and revamp a lot of things (for the better). So, Father has the final say in everything and I do the coordinating.

    Please reach out if you'd be interested in helping out with sacred music at our parish! You would be very welcome!!

    Laura Vander Vos