Any suggestions on this melody?
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    Speaking of liturgy and chant, I don't even know if this is allowed, but, since there were no melodies for a certain responsory for the Office of Readings, I sort of pieced a melody together, using different responsory melodies of the same mode.

    Its for the 1st responsory in the Office of Readings for the Solemnity of St Josephm which is:

    R. Fecit me Deus quasi patrem regis et dóminum univérsæ domus eius; * Exaltávit me, ut salvos fáceret multos pópulos (T.P. allelúia).
    V. Adiútor et protéctor factus est mihi Dóminus in salútem. R. Exaltávit me, ut salvos fáceret multos pópulos (T.P. allelúia).

    On the Nocturnale Romanum, Liber Responsoriales and Nocturnale Cisterciensis, the text of the Response is the same as in the Liturgiy of the Hours, all the way to the asterisk. Then, the text repetendum changes from the NR/LR/NC to the LotH, and the verse text is different as well.

    I started with the melody from similar responsory on the Nocturnale cisterciensis, kept the melody all the way to the asterisk, then sort of pieced together the repetendum. For the verse, it seems that most mode 3 responsory verses have a very similar melody on the Nocturnale Cisterciensis so I just adapted the melody to that.

    The end result is this. Suggestions, comments and improvements are more than welcome.

    Thank you in advance.

    Edit: I added a second version which I liked better.
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  • This looks great to me.
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    Fine work!
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