Responsorial Psalms
  • Has anyone put together a complete listing of Responsorial Psalms with their full text anywhere?

    Am once again seeking to prevent unnecessary re-invention of wheels!
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    The Lectionary?
  • MarkB is correct, of course, that the lectionary is the definitive source. Considering most of us don't own them, nor can we afford them, the next best thing is to look at an existing complete cycle by another composer. There are a few floating around like the lumen christi ones or those by Fr. Weber. As for a straight up text document / pdf, I'm not aware of one, although I'd love access to such a document too. (Of course, this is all complicated by the fact that the official translation of the psalms will be changing again... sigh)
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    The closest thing I know of is the Chabanel Psalm website, which includes a text only version for each lectionary text represented on the site
  • If you're looking for the weekday psalms, these can found on the USCCB website.

    It's a bit awkward, but any day can be found by replacing the date in the URL (today, Deember 22, 2021, is "122321") with the desired date.
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    The Parish Book of Psalms contains indexes by antiphon text, by first line, and by psalm number for all the book's contents: i.e., for the Sundays and Solemnities. (see p. 445ff. of the PDF file)
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  • I should explain my motivations here more clearly...

    Every episcopal conference seems to be a law unto itself when it comes to responsorial psalms. I'm trying to compile a document that has the exact antiphon texts that each conference uses.

    Someone has helpfully compiled this table for the Lectionary as used in England and Wales, which reproduces the full text of the psalm antiphons. It would be fantastic to see something similar for the USA and Canada.
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    Felix Just, SJ keeps a helpful website with, among other things, information on the Lectionary. His tables of Scripture references for the psalms and pericopes might be a good starting point for building the sort of table you are thinking of.
  • Just keep in mind that the lectionary is going to change very soon- the antiphons, the responsorials, the readings, everything. I had started doing the same thing but once I found out from the priest in charge of the office of Divine Worship that it will be coming out under two years, I stopped.
  • How often, Monastery Liturgist, are such predictions correct?
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  • Haven’t they been saying a new Lectionary is on the way since the new translation of the Roman Missal? I mean, really….I thought it would’ve happened by now.
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  • Rome wasn’t built in a day… and given it was likely built by the ancestors of present members of the Curia, one can see why!

    Regardless of who changes what and when, I think a document showing the variants would be handy - for a host of reasons, including capacity to adapt between etc.
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    Universalis... you can copy and paste the text for each day
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    The three volume 'Saint Joseph's Missal' by Catholic Book Publishing has all of them, as well the readings. The single volume 'Daily Roman Missal' by Our Sunday Visitor also has them.
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    This spreadsheet has all the refrains for the three year cycle but may be incomplete in some areas. The rest of the spreadsheet is my pointless ponderings.
  • Chris, It is true its always not as early as it seems to be, but I actually wrote to the priest in charge (Fr Menke) and he seemed pretty confident. He said on their end "the office of Divine Worship" everything is done. For the LOH for example the bishops have already approved the body of the text, the next step is that they have to confirm the new USA propers then, send everything to Rome. So really, its a matter of seeing how fast Rome will approve things. In any case, whether its 2 or 5 years... a new translation is coming and Im not going to waste my time and printing ink meanwhile... We have just started singing from our daily missals and marking them in pencil to sing for the time being.
  • I've started using the Abbey Psalms & Canticles translation of my settings specifically to avoid heartache when the time comes. I am worried how certain refrains will change, though. At least the pointing of the verses won't have to change. sigh.
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  • We are moving in that direction too, I am anxious to see the antiphons
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