St. John Cantius Chicago featured on EWTN's "On Assignment"
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    I don't know if anyone else caught this little half-hour featurette on the fall and rise of this amazing place, but it's well worth checking out if it's aired again.

    I'm going to write to EWTN to see if it's available as a DVD on request.

    It basically traces the decline of this monumental parish from its heyday to the '80's when it was a nearly-abandoned, boarded-up building with little hope for revival. When the new (current) Pastor was assigned, he slowly turned the parish around first by repairing the boiler and attending to some rather serious structural issues, then rebuilding the sense of sacred in the liturgy and music programs until it became what we now know it to be. This included the formation of many, many men in the priesthood as well as to the Order as Brothers.

    I thought it was amazing that a bank across the street simply gave $25,000.00 to restore the swinging peal of bells in the tower. That's just one small story among many on this program.

    Amazing, and truly inspiring.
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    in your charity, please write me at if it is available for purchase

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    Whatever the answer about the program being available for purchase,
    please post the details here.

    That way we all can know about it.
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    Interesting wasn't it? Well done.

    I had rehearsal with my cantors last night, so my husband recorded it for me.

    (I'm fairly certain, upon watching it this morning, that he is in it.)

    Incidentally there is an organ recital there this weekend -- I guess I should post that in its own thread.

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