Funeral music during Advent
  • Had a request for O Come, O Come Emmanuel as the Recessional for a funeral during Advent. Couldn't find any liturgical instructions indicating whether this would be desirable (as Christmas music is suitable for a wedding during the season) or not. Any helpful guidance?
  • To say that such a request is odd is an understatement.

    That said, if the deceased entered that state in the hope of the resurrection, it's a poignant choice: the second coming of Christ is implied by the first coming.
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  • Liam
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    Since Advent is about the three (not merely two) comings of Christ (1-into time in space at the Incarnation/Nativity; 2-at our individual Particular Judgment - admittedly, this one is often elided because it's different than the other two; 3-at the General Judgement), it would not seem inappropriate. And as a recessional hymn, it's an appropriate nod to the season in which the funeral occurs.
  • irishtenoririshtenor
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    I think it's on the odd side, though I would be okay with it for a funeral in Advent
  • Don't see why this is odd.
  • davido
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    It’s odd because it’s not
    - here I am lord
    - on eagles wings
    - be not afraid

  • SalieriSalieri
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    Musically it isn't all that strange since the melody was originally for a trope in the Responsory "Libera me, Domine" sung at the burial service.