Jesu Dulcis Memoria - 2 3 4 part harmonisations
  • I wrote a quirky harmonisation for 2, 3, and 4 parts of this hymn. Typeset in English. Let me know if you'd like it in Latin.

    Attached is a recording with a 1-man homemade string quartet (well, the cello is artificial)
  • That's definitely a quirky harmonization.

  • A.) Quirky, yes, but I love it.
    B.) Particularly stunning as you've recorded it. It sounds really lovely on strings.
    C.) I find the building of texture between verses to be very effective and natural; one segues into the other very well.
    D.) I'm thinking about putting this in front of my schola after Christmas, however I'd alternate between musical settings; in other words: bicinium for V1, trio on V2, Quartet V3, back to bicinium for V4, etc... so that the texture changes verse to verse to help keep interest, rather than arbitrarily repeating each treatment twice in a row each time. Alternatively, I think it would also be effective to build up, just as you did in the recording, repeat the quartet, and then regress back to three parts and then finally two. Start out spartan, build up, decline, and end spartan again.
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  • Thanks for the comments!

    I will say I think the 4-part version might be particularly effective as a final verse only, because of that fun harmonic twist at the end. You might also consider, in the 3-part version, seeing what doubling the melody in the bass is like as an additional texture for a verse. And also perhaps beginning with unison.

    I do like that idea of ending spartan too!

    Here's a dropbox link to the MusicXML files of this piece. Arrange the verses however you like - and post it back here so I can see what you decided!
  • Thanks for sharing the XML files! This will be really useful, for sure. I'm afraid it will be a while until I get back to you though! I have 6 worship aids I have to make for the next two weeks... oy.
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  • @ServiamScores, I added the Dorico 3.5 file to the dropbox link since I remember you use that program.