What hymns to use on feasts and solemnities outside ordinary time? (Liturgy of the Hours)
  • On the Liber Hymnarius, on the TEMPUS PER ANNUM section (p. 177), the Midday hours have hymns for "In dominicis per annum" (p. 185), "sollemnitatibus" (p. 186), "In feriis per annum" (p. 192), "In memoriis" (p. 192) and "In festis" (p. 192).

    Since only the the hymns for sundays and ferias have the description "per annum", and the Midday hour hymns for the other seasons (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter), are for "In Officio dominicali et feriali,", I have the following questions:

    Are the melodies for the midday hours on memories/feasts/solemnities found on the PER ANNUM section to be used throughout the entire liturgical year?
  • For the sake of an example:

    On December 26, on the Feast of St. Stephen, for the midday hours, should the hymns be sung with the tones for Feast (p. 192) or the tones for the Season of the Nativity (p. 24)?
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    According to the OCO it's p. 24 on ALL days ("Pro cunctis diebus") between Christmas and Epiphany.
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  • Thanks, joerg, for the reference. I had always assumed that the "per annum" was explicit for "In dominicis per annum" and just implicit in the others for the sake of brevity.
  • As always, the exact answer I needed. Thanks joerg!