Director of Sacred Music--St. Lawrence Catholic Campus Center (University of Kansas); Lawrence, KS
  • From the website of St. Lawrence Catholic Center:

    The Director of Sacred Music (Director) guides great stories by inviting the faithful to write their stories deep within the context of the greatest story, God’s desire to find and save His people. To do this awesome work, the Director must first incarnate the core values of St. Lawrence personally, and apply them to a faithful, beautiful, compelling and personal celebration of the Church’s liturgy. The Director holds as sacred the power of the Paschal Mystery and the unifying and sanctifying graces uniquely present in the sacraments and liturgy, to animate great stories in the Body of Christ. The Director personally ministers to St. Lawrence musicians by inviting them to, and forming them in, a Catholic sacred music tradition that seeks to deeply animate the mystery of the human person in body, mind and spirit. Daring to stand out means opening dimensions of reality that are too easily neglected, and evangelizing by connecting Catholic sacred music to the real lived experience of those at KU.

    The job description is found here.
  • My home parish - nice 2 manual tracker organ, long history of sacred music (i.e. good directors and quality repertoire). I played organ there 5 + years during high school and undergrad.

    Well worth a look!
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    I was expecting someone to make an official posting about the job.
  • The job description can also be found at NPM, and (most importantly?) the Center's website.