Trumpeter & Soprano Needed
  • St. Magdalen de Pazzi, Flemington, NJ seeks to hire a Soprano Soloist and a Trumpeter for Christmas Eve Midnight Mass.
    Please email:
  • I wish you well.
  • Thank you, Chris. The time for singing has come! Let the trumpets resound!
    (But, as organist, I can’t do it all myself:). God will provide, perhaps with the help of St. Anthony.
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  • See if any local conservatories have students available.
  • CGM
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    You're right between NYC & Philly. Reach out to the musicians in those two cities, and you're bound to find folks — although everyone gets booked up for Christmas, so be prepared to pay some serious money.

    There's a fantastic Facebook group for NYC Choral Freelancers that might net you someone, but rules for posting to the group stipulate that you've got to specify the fee that you're paying. (If you'll post the fee here, I could post your message to the NYC group, if you like.)
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  • That's why I posted that conservatories might have students available (Curtis, Westminster, Princeton U has a very good vocal program).

    If Minneapolis is any indicator, they're hiring for Christmas Eve now...
  • Thank you, everyone!! Positions are filled - whew!
    Blessings for a peaceful Advent and Joyous Christmas, FILLED with beautiful music.
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    The Trumpeters and Singers Were as One!!