Longview, WA: Pastoral Assistant for Liturgy and Music
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    St. Rose Catholic Church in Longview, Washington is seeking a pastoral assistant of liturgy and music to help all in attendance encounter Christ through the beauty of the Catholic Church’s liturgical life. As we restart our music ministry after the COVID pandemic, this position provides an opportunity to build a program from the ground up. The person in this role will recruit musicians and provide opportunities for musicians of varying levels to serve in this ministry. The ideal candidate has strong organizational skills, and is flexible yet passionate for sacred liturgy. This is a full time position with benefits. Please contact hr@strose-longview.org or call 360-425-4660 for more information or for instructions on how to apply for this position.

    Some extra information of interest:

    Fr. Bryan Ochs has been pastor of St. Rose for the last 8+ years and has 5+ years left on this assignment. The previous choir director and liturgist is retiring after almost 25 years in this role and will be staying on as long as it takes us to locate the right person for the job. Our previous choir has dwindled to under 10 members, and we are hoping our next director will be able to grow the program. There is musical talent in this area to tap into, as Longview is home to the Southwest Washington Symphony, a local musical theater, and has several highs schools with excellent music programs.

    We are open to a new direction and the new director will have a lot of input as to what this direction is and what resources are used to help us in this direction. Currently, the parish has only volunteer musicians, but we are open to paying certain musicians as we hope to build the program up. There are typically 25-30 funerals a year, plus 2-4 english weddings every year on average. While the bulk of the work will be at St. Rose parish, the person in this role will be a resource for three mission Churches who have their own musicians and musical groups. Our parish is bilingual, and if a person does speak Spanish it is always helpful, but it is not required to be successful in this position.
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