• Does anyone know of a list that contains each psalm with their corresponding psalm tone? I'm organising the singing of Terce (1960) prior to Mass at out parish and don't know where to find the correct pslam tones.
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    Any psalm can be sung to any psalm tone; there is no single correct tone. If you're singing antiphons, then the mode of the antiphon governs which psalm tone to use.
  • It depends on the season, but more to the point it depends on the antiphons. I would look in the Liber Usualis but there are several other books you could use.

    Would this be for all Sundays, going forward?

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    For example: my 1962 Liber Usualis (page 235) gives this antiphon for Sunday Terce:image
    "Ant. 2D" at the beginning says that the psalm tone to use with that antiphon is Tone 2D. The conclusion of that psalm tone is shown after the antiphon itself, with the lyrics abbreviated "E u o u a e", the vowels for "saecula saeculorum. Amen." Full details of that tone are given on page 114:image
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    Everything that you need will be in the Liber Usualis.
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    To take the pain from writing out the psalms in yet another tone each week to match the antiphon, there are marvellous tools available on the internet. Such as Benjamin Bloomfield's : https://bbloomf.github.io/jgabc/psalmtone.html
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