The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (2021)
  • Another liturgical year is about to be in the books. Those of you who are celebrating this solemnity tomorrow, what’s on the line-up?

    Here’s what we’re doing:

    Processional: To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King
    Gloria: Carroll T. Andrews
    Psalm: Psalm 93, J. Philips
    Alleluia: Alleluia Solennelle, J. Gelineau
    Hymn at the Preparation: Christ is the King, O Friends, Rejoice!
    Parts: A Community Mass, R. Proulx
    Communion: Priestly People, L. Deiss
    Recessional: Rejoice, the Lord is King!
  • CatholicZ09,

    I'm EF, so our calendar has 24th and Last Sunday after Pentecost, but I have a question for you:

    Did you choose the diversity of musical styles on purpose or by accident?
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  • ServiamScores
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    Processional: Alleluia, sing to Jesus
    Kyrie: Dalitz Missa Tribus Vocibus
    Gloria: Olbash Mass in honor of our Lady, Star of the Sea (known by congregation)
    Psalm 93 (my own setting)
    Alleluia For the Feast of Christ the King
    Offertory Hymn: Crown Him with Many Crowns (doing more hymns than usual as a peace offering to the congregation since we are doing a mostly polyphonic ordinary)
    Sanctus & Agnus: Dalitz
    Our Father: in English but transcribed to original Roman tone rather than the weird one most Americans do
    Communion Antiphon: Sedebit Dominus
    Communion Motet: Jesu, Rex Admirabilis (palestrina)
    Communion Hymn: Laudate Dominum
    End of mass: all kneel for the Laudes Regiæ then postlude
  • SalieriSalieri
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    Prelude: Dignus es Agnus (Grad. Triplex, Choir)
    Introit: How worthy is the Lamb (St. Meinrad Psalm-tone, Mode III, with Congregation)
    Kyrie: Haydn, Kleine Orgelmesse*
    Gloria: Haydn, Kleine Orgelmesse
    Gradual: He shall rule from sea to sea (Arbogast Propers)
    Alleluia: Melsimatic Mode II (Parish Book of Chant, cf. Dies sanctificatus), verse from Lectionary
    Creed: Recited in English
    Offertory Antiphon: Ask of me (Weber)
    Hymn: Juz od rana
    Sanctus-Benedictus: Haydn, Kleine Orgelmesse
    Agnus Dei: Haydn, Kleine Orgelmesse
    Communion Antiphon: The Lord sits as king (Weber)
    Hymn during Communion: Klaniam sie tobie
    [Organ interlude(s)]
    Hymn of Praise: Jesus shall reign (DUKE STREET)
    Exposition: O Salutaris (WERNER)
    [Consecration to the Sacred Heart]
    Benediction: Tantum ergo (ST. THOMAS)
    Reposition Antiphon: Niechaj bedzie pochwalony
    Recessional Hymn: Lo! he comes with clouds descending (HELMSLEY)
    Postlude: something, maybe a Prelude & Fugue by Carl Czerny.

    * Instruments unable to join us this year, so keyboard-reduction for accompaniment
  • smvanroodesmvanroode
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    Breda, the Netherlands:

    Introit: Dignus est Agnus (GN)
    Kyrie: Missa VIII
    Gloria: Missa VIII
    Readings: Verbum Domini
    Responsorial Psalm: Ps. 93, Regnavit Dominus (PM and GS)
    Alleluia: Chants Abréges, Benedictus qui venit
    Offertory: Postula a me (GN)
    Sanctus: Missa VIII
    Mysterium fidei: Mortem tuam
    Doxology: Per ipsum
    Pater noster + Quia tuum
    Agnus Dei: Missa VIII
    Communion: Sedebit Dominus (GN) with psalm verses
  • Presentation of the Lord Catholic Church
    Montgomery, Texas
    The Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter

    Prelude - Agincourt Hymn (Dustable)
    Propers - from Divine Worship: The Gradual (working draft)
    Ordinary - Missa Tribus Vocibus, Dalitz
    Entrance Hymn - Praise to the Holiest in the Height NEWMAN
    Offertory Anthem - Laudes Regiae (trad.)
    Communion Hymn - The Royal Banners Forward Go VEXILLA REGIS
    Communion Motet - Jesu Rex Admirabilis (attr. Palestrina)
    Closing Hymn - Crown Him With Many Crowns DIADEMATA
    Postlude - Menuet Gothique (Boellmann)

    Benediction and Triumphal Procession around the Church property
  • ServiamScores
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    Liam, seems we were on the same page, lol.
  • Chris, these are the selections at the Cathedral parish this weekend, so not my own. I realize that wasn’t clear when I said “Here’s what we’re doing.” I often attend Mass at the Cathedral. Love the music they do.
  • Z09,

    Could you redirect my question, then, to address it thusly: "When the choir master (or whoever's in charge) chose this music, was the diversity of genres intentional or accidental?" Serviam, you see, planned more hymns because he was using a polyphonic ordinary, so the "balance" was intentional.
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  • tomjaw
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    St Bede's Clapham Park, London 11am EF (24th and last Sunday after Pentecost).

    INT. Dicit Dominus (Issac setting sung in full with G.P.)
    KYR. Mass XI
    GLO. Mass XI
    GRAD. Liberasti nos, Domine (chant from G.R. 1924)
    ALL. De profundis (Issac setting sung in full with chant for first alleluia)
    CR. Credo IV
    OFF. De profundis (Palestrina setting)
    Off Motet. Quando Deus (Hymn for the last part of the year)
    SAN. Mass XI
    AGN. Mass XI
    COM. Amen dico vobis. (Isaac setting with chant psalm verses and chant setting for the G.R.)
    ITE. Mass XI
    Prayer for the Queen
    Marian Anthem. Salve Regina, Palestrina
  • St. James in Madison GA did the following at 9am OF Mass today.

    Prelude: One of a billion generic French baroque preludes
    Hymn: Crown Him with Many Crowns
    Introit: Dignus est Agnus (GR)
    Kyrie: Missa VIII
    Gloria: Missa VIII
    Gradual: Dominabitur, Chants Abréges
    Alleluia: mode VI w/ Latin verse
    Credo: Credo III in English
    Offertory: Postula a me (GR)
    Sanctus: Missa VIII
    Mysterium fidei: Mortem tuam
    Paternoster: English
    Agnus Dei: Missa VIII
    Communion: Sedebit Dominus (GR)
    Communion Motet: Rex Sempiterne in two parts
    Hymn: To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King
    Postlude: Christe, Du Lamm Gottes, Orgelbüchlein (registered nice and full like a postlude)
  • SalieriSalieri
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    Update: One of the challenges of being a small choir with one or two people per part: We unfortunately had to forego the Haydn this morning because the soprano section had laryngitis; so we just did Mass VIII. Everything else was as scheduled, minus descants.

    We're hoping to be able to do the Haydn later, possibly on Epiphany.
  • I won't reveal our church's name and location right now given that I may be asking for advice soon and will need to remain somewhat anonymous, but here's what we did with my seven-piece male choir:
    Introit: Dignus est Agnus (GR)
    Gloria/Agnus: Missa O Quam Gloriosum - Victoria
    Offertory: Ecce Vicit Leo - Peter Philips (organ plays choir 2)
    Communion: O King All Glorious - Willan
    Concluding: Toccata - Vierne
  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    St David of Wales, Richmond CA

    Crown Him with many DIADEMATA
    Kyrie (& Sanctus, Agnus) from Missa ferialis R. Mix
    Glory to God Gloria XV
    RP to Purcell's single chant
    Where Thou reignest, D. 763 Schubert
    Our Father Snow (first time in quite a while, to roof-raising effect)
    Sedebit Dominus (American Gradual)
    To Jesus Christ ICH GLAUB AN GOTT (we really ought to have a descant for this)
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  • BruceL
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    Cathedral of St. Paul, Birmingham, Alabama (Forgive the c/p below!)

    ENTRANCE: Christus vincit (Traditional, arr. Latona)
    ENTRANCE ANTIPHON (11AM) Gregorian
    “The whole world is in thy power…”; Dignus est Agnus; cf. Est 4:17
    MASS ORDINARY: Mass VIII; 11AM: Missa in G, Op. 151 «St. Crucis» (Rheinberger)
    RESPONSORIAL PSALM (5PM &8:30AM): Ps 122: Let us go rejoicing
    GRADUAL (11AM) Dominabitur, Mode V
    ALLELUIA Mode IV (w/falso vs at 11AM) Mk 11:9, 10
    Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed is the kingdom of our father David that is to come!
    OFFERTORY: Hail, Redeemer, King Divine (ST. GEORGE’S WINDSOR)
    “Ask of me...”; Postula a me; Ps 2:8
    “The Lord reigns as King…”; Sedebit Dominus Rex; Ps 29:10b, 11b
    COMMUNION (11AM): Jesu, the very thought of thee (Halley)
    CLOSING: To Jesus Christ our Sovereign King (ICH GLAUB AN GOTT)
    VOLUNTARY: Prelude & Fugue in E-Flat (Saint-Saëns)
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  • Caleferink
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    St. Mary, Tampa

    Choral Prelude: Choral Fanfare for Christ the King (H. H. Smith)
    Entrance: Crown Him with Many Crowns
    Kyrie: Litany of the Saints
    Gloria: Andrews
    Psalm 93: Batastini/Gelineau
    Alleluia: Festival Alleluia (Chepponis)
    Offertory: At the Name of Jesus (King's Weston)
    Sanctus/Mysterium/Amen: Community Mass
    Agnus Dei: Holy Cross Mass
    Communion: Sedebit Dominus (chant), This Is the Feast of Victory, and Jesu Rex Admirabilis (Palestrina)
    Recessional: To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King

    I then played in a diocesan organists' recital at Christ the King Church in south Tampa.
    -Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man (transcribed by ??)
    -Grand Choeur Dialogue (Gigout)
    -Andante Sostenuto from Gothic Symphonie (Widor)
    -Toccata in Seven (Rutter)
    -Priere a Notre Dame (Boellmann, performed by a high school student)
    -Cortege et Litanie (Dupre, performed by HS student's teacher)
    -Variations on Ode to Joy (Bish)
    -Prelude Modal (Langlais, performed by the parochial vicar of a neighboring parish to mine)
    -Toccata from Symphony V (Widor)
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