Latin Psalm tone for Novus Ordo Audi filia
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    On Saturday December 11th our schola at Sacred Heart Seminary will be singing an optional memorial Mass for the Blessed Mother and the words for the Gradual we have chosen, Audi filia have changed so I can't use the Chants Abreges. Does anyone know where I can find this Gradual with the correct text for the Novus ordo in psalm tone?

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  • The gradual with the correct text for the OF is sung on the feast of St. Cecilia (November 22), which can be found in Chants Abreges (1955) on p. [280] if that helps.
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    The words in the Graduale Triplex, which I believe are those valid for the NO, are the same as those for this Gradual in Chant Abreges 1930 which is the edition available on the CMAA resource page. What and where are the words changed? There is no need to bother about the verse selection for the Responsorial psalm used for Our Lady of Fatima, the RP and GR are different beasts.
    Votive BVM, OT post Pentecost, option B GT p663: vide GR p406
    - text same as Chant Abreges (1930) p245 St Cecilia Nov 22