Mass for Our Lady of Walsingham - Mass of Mary, Mystic Rose - English Chant Mass Ordinary
  • Its been a long while, but I think it is time to release this to the public. Only so many rounds of edits one can do!

    The Mass for Our Lady of Walsingham a melismatic, congregational Mass ordinary, sitting squarely in the tradition of plainsong ordinaries. It is set in English, with text according to Divine Worship: The Missal for use in the Ordinariate. The Mass of Mary, Mystic Rose is it's sister setting, with text according to the Roman Missal. I have dedicated the Masses according to the two traditions that inspired them; I began these two settings while organist at St. Mary's Cathedral, of the Galveston-Houston archdiocese, and completed it as Director of Music at Presentation of the Lord Catholic Church, of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter.

    The two ordinaries are florid, but not overly so. Thematic material is spread throughout the movements, which makes them cohesive and also makes them easier to learn. We have already begun introducing the Mass for Our Lady of Walsingham at my parish, and it has gone very well.

    I think the melodies are very sturdy, but retain interest after repeated hearing. At least I think so, after working on them for 3 years!

    I am indebted to forum member ServiamScores, who has helped to edit and engrave the Mass for Our Lady of Walsingham, as well as to put together score videos to aid in the roll out of this ordinary in my parish.

    You will find the Mass for Our Lady of Walsingham at this link:
    I have attached scores for both masses below. I plan on uploading to CPDL soon.