Quotations in the choral works of Michael Haydn
  • Franco
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    I was wondering if anyone was familiar with this setting of Tecum principium by Michael Haydn?

    I am really curious about the unison passage beginning at mm. 136. He seems to be quoting something? Was wondering if anyone knew what?

    In another work of his, Hallelujah In die resurrectionis-- there is a similar moment at mm. 118:

    There it is pretty clear to me he is quoting the Easter vigil alleluia, with the first interval being changed to a fourth rather than a minor third.

    Have been racking my brain trying to figure out what the passage in the Christmas piece is referring to but have come up empty. It doesn't seem to be a chant from any Christmas propers that I can see, though I may be missing something. Wondering if he was quoting a popular hymn tune of some kind?

    Would be grateful if anyone had any clues to share, thanks a lot!
  • ServiamScores
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    I suspect you're right; he's probably quoting some Austrian hymn. I've tried doing a melody search but can't find anything.