Will there be a Musica Sacra Conference in the spring/summer?
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    I would love to attend and bring along some young people.
  • If there is, I'd love to bring my little chamber choir. My idea was to bring my choir to Colloquium as our first tour of sorts.
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    The Sacred Music Colloquium will meet at the Newman Center of the University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana June 20-25, 2022 (Monday-Saturday).

    If you aren't on the e-mail list for event announcements yet, you can join using the red button on our home page:

    More information will be coming in the new year.
  • Hello all,

    Please do mark your calendars... we are planning to meet and sing together in person next summer. Still working out details, but the dates June 20-25, 22 are still the plan. More information coming soon.

    We are also hoping to be able to office summer courses the week prior (June 14-18).

    Thank you!!!
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    @Casavant Organist... 10 hour drive for me and probably 9 for you. :)