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    Job Description: Sacred Music Assistant (part time)

    Saint Mary Magdalene in Gilbert, Arizona (Diocese of Phoenix) is a parish of roughly 2500 families with a robust sacred music program of ten scholas, including five youth choirs for ages K through college, as well as occasional handbell ensemble and parish orchestra for special events. The Sacred Music assistant will work an average of 20 hours/week (up to 25 during Advent/Lent/other heightened seasons) in whatever areas the Director most needs, including but not limited to the following.

    Administrative Duties:
    ▪ Format Orders of Worship for all Sunday, Holy Day, and special Masses
    ▪ Assisting with upkeep of choir playlists and organization of practice track digital library
    ▪ Assist with choir web presence (website, YouTube channel, social media pages)
    ▪ Assist with music repertoire lists/planning
    ▪ Assist with cantor/accompanist scheduling
    ▪ Oversee scheduling of volunteer sound board operators
    ▪ Assist with Flocknote communications to choristers and youth choir parents
    ▪ Assist with making and maintaining choir rosters and other records
    ▪ Help ensure that all adult volunteers are Safe Environment compliant

    Music Leadership Duties:
    ▪ Availability to assist at average two Masses/weekend (additional in Director’s absence)
    ▪ Ability and availability to cantor/vocally lead a Mass, whether accompanied or a cappella
    ▪ As needed, assist with select Schola rehearsals alongside the Director
    ▪ Ability and availability to lead/teach Schola and/or instrument rehearsals when needed
    ▪ Assist in preparing and formatting scores, including handbell and instrument scores
    ▪ Assist with cantor training/coaching when needed
    ▪ Help manage music library and volunteer librarians
    ▪ When volunteers are not available, help with rehearsal setup and cleanup
    ▪ When volunteers are not available, compile music packets/booklets for
    ▪ When volunteers are not available, assist with digital music scanning and formatting
    ▪ When volunteers are not available, make copies of new library scores
    ▪ When volunteers are not available, update the accompanist binder

    Skills Required:
    ▪ Understanding of and ability to communicate liturgical principles
    ▪ Keen attention to detail
    ▪ Reads music well in treble, bass, and chant clefs
    ▪ Singing experience as a soloist and choir member
    ▪ Basic piano and/or organ proficiency (sufficient to guide a rehearsal; if competent enough for
    accompany for Mass, extra wages possible)
    ▪ Competency in Word, Excel, Google drive
    ▪ Ability to notate and edit scores in Finale/music notation softwares
    ▪ Competency to learn Gregobase chant engraving

    The Sacred Music Assistant should be an experienced musician, a practicing Catholic living in
    accord with the Church’s teaching, seeking to practice virtue and holiness in his/her life, and
    someone with the desire to serve the Church by serving the Liturgy. Work hours are flexible,
    though include evenings and weekends. This position includes duties over holidays, especially
    Christmas and Easter. This individual should bring a spirit of collaboration, creativity,
    dedication, and prayerfulness.

    Wages negotiable commensurate with experience. Submit cover letter and resume to Claire Halbur, Director of Sacred Music (

    Recordings from Saint Mary Magdalene choirs can be found at the SMM Sacred Music YouTube channel or at
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