Feast of the Dedication of our Cathedral
  • tomjaw
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    St Bede's Clapham Park 11am Mass, sung by Adult choir of 14, and a children's choir of 12

    INT. Terribilis est, Isaac ATTB setting (Adult choir)
    KYR. XI (Children's choir)
    GL. XV (Children's choir)
    GRAD. Locus Iste, Bruckner with verse to chant (Adult choir)
    ALL. Adorabo ad templum, chant (Adult choir)
    CR. I (Children's choir)
    OFF. Domine Deus, Palestrina (Adult choir)
    SAN XI (Children's choir)
    BEN. XI (Children's choir)
    AGN. XI (Children's choir)
    COM. Domus mea, Isaac alternated with psalm verses (Adult choir)
    Domine salvum fac, common setting (Adult choir)
    Marian Anthem: Salve Regina (simple Tone) (Children's choir)

    Thanks go to @CCooze for setting the Issac, they are beautiful pieces of music.
  • Tom,

    Did you add the verse to the Bruckner, or did it come with it? (I've never heard the piece with a verse after it, but I'm learning all the time, so I may simply have missed this.)
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  • tomjaw
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    No, we sing the Bruckner, and then our cantor starts the chant verse text as sung in the Graduale, that was not set by Bruckner.

    I have found a volunteer to set the verse in the style of Bruckner, but our volunteer has a couple of day jobs!

    I think we can all be sure that Bruckner wrote the piece for this occasion but I have not found out why he did not set the piece in full. The same applies to the Palestrina Sicut cervus / Sitivit why is it set to the Latin Vulgate, and not to the Latin found in the Missale / Graduale... We may worry about the Graduale text being in sung in full, I suspect better musicians in times gone by did not worry about such things.
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  • Tom,

    I can't guess about the other pieces, but the Palestrina appears to be set for the Easter Vigil, since in that place the text doesn't say "Quemadmodum...."
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    This looks wonderful! Can we have please some photos and info of the Cathedral??
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