Truth or Lies
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    Cardinal Burke tends to call things exactly as he sees them. You know where he stands and he doesn't compromise.
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    Oh good grief!
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    I generally have an idea what he will say before he says it. Whether you agree with him or not, he seems pretty consistent in what he says.
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  • Although he speaks gently, his words describe clearly the stark situation in which we find ourselves. Instead of being a beacon, and calling the world to conversion, too many, including shepherds, are trying to conform themselves to the world. At least someone is willing to say this!

    Nevertheless, I have the sense that this is only part of what he said.
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    which sort of grief is your experience?
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    Chinese never locked me in my house against my will and told me I cant go to church.
  • I don't see the fault.
    He is using simple language and a very calm demeanor, but what he says is absolutely spot on.
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    Something I came across today... it’s part and partial to the same “lie or truth” syndrome that has the globe awash in confusion.

    We have woken up a little late, it’s true, but we are beginning to understand that they have deceived us for almost two years, telling us things that do not correspond to reality, saying that there were no treatments, that people were dying of Covid when in fact they were deliberately killing the infected in order to make us accept masks, lockdowns, and curfews. Today they tell us that there are treatments, only because the pharmaceutical houses have patented drugs at exorbitant prices (with still-unknown side effects) which have been available for years at very low prices (without adverse reactions). And no magistrate has anything to say.
  • Oh tush! Do you suppose that the Spanish Flu, and Polio, Small pox, the bubonic plague,
    etc., etc., were all hoaxes just like this one - more realistically known as the Chinese Flu?

    Let's see just how many ways our lives are not our own, what ways our freedom is impacted and taken from us -

    Our freedom is taken away from us quite often:
    >pay federal, state,county, and city taxes (or else!)
    >are requited to have our cars inspected every year
    >then pay an automobile inspection fee or pay for a new license plate.
    >Our freedom is burdened by the necessity of procuring automobile insurance
    >For Catholics there are half a dozen or so Holy Days of Obligation at which our presence is expected
    >For Catholics there is the requirement not to use contraceptives (though quite a few ignore this as a curtailment of their liberty.
    >for everyone there is the requirement not to pinch someone's head off if they displease us
    >then there are the Ten Commandments, at least one or two of which most of us violate quite regularly
    >One could go on, but this is sufficient to make the point that the mere wearing of a mask to protect others from our possibly flu laden aerosol sprayed breath is no greater a burden on our freedom than any of the above. Wearing a mask and distancing is just brotherly cooperation, team work to eradicate this plague which continues to take lives and mutate into even more deadly strains. Has anyone noticed that the daily papers and news casts report so-and-so well known person who poo-pooed the current pandemic has died of it.
    So what is so bad about wearing mask and keeping our distance from another?
    For the valiant amongst us, it is a small thing to do.
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    Do you suppose that the Spanish Flu, and Polio, Small pox, the bubonic plague, etc., etc., were all hoaxes just like this one - more realistically known as the Chinese Flu?

    Not a hoax, just used to promote irrational fear and control.

    Fatality Rates

    Bubonic - 60%
    Spanish Flu - 15%
    Polio - 22%
    Small pox -30%
    Chinese Flu - .1% (point 1)
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    Even I, as distrustful of the government as I am, received the Covid vaccination. An organist in town died from Covid, so I take it rather seriously. I don't see the furor over masks. There was little to no flu this past winter so if the masks helped, I'm good with that.
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    It is also true that it is in the media's interest to make people feel afraid. When I meet someone who is overly afraid of covid I point out to them that 12% of the people in my county have had it and recovered. That's the ones who know they have had it and recovered. There may be many more who had it and didn't even know it. I do feel differently since my mother has died and there is no chance that I can infect her with it. I think that is what makes people irrational, the thought that you could make someone you love ill and not even know that you had done so.
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    Coronavirus Cases - Worldometer
    Country Total; Cases New; Cases Total; Deaths New; Deaths Total; Recovered
    World 241,600,700 +143,024 4,916,566 +2,567 218,820,538

    Looks more like 2% to me, and before they found effective treatment, and when perhaps it was more virulent, 20%. You also need to take infectiousness into account.
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  • Looks more like 2% to me,

    It is well known and widely reported that oodles of people have been marked as "covid deaths" even though they were not. It is so bad that people dying in car wrecks are being listed as covid deaths after being tested postmortem.

    Also, lets not forget that thousands of deaths have been reported as a direct result of the vaccine...

    Regarding trusting the government & big pharma, I encourage you to watch Project Veritas's recent videos...
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    I don't think the records keeping is as accurate as we would all like. How many deaths attributed to other causes had a Covid component that wasn't accounted for? We may never know.

    I have a niece, a nephew, and a friend at church whose families have had Covid. All recovered, thanks be to God. In the mean time, even though vaccinated, I have come to the conclusion that home is the best place for me to be until this plague runs its course. Being a not-so-good eastern Catholic, I have Reader's Services, online liturgies and the Divine Praises (Office) I can pray at home.
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  • I don't think the records keeping is as accurate as we would all like.

    In oodles of cases it is deliberately dishonest. We aren't talking clerical errors here... we are talking agendas. #endrant
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    fever swamps again
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    The UK government statisticians are careful to define their death figure as 'people WITH a covid diagnosis in the previous 28 days'. As statisticians they disqualify themselves from judging whether these people died 'OF covid', particularly as many fatalities had other known health problems (co-morbidities). Some of them probably died while out celebrating their release from quarantine. Politicians and journalists may lie about the figures.
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  • A few benefits of masks: I don't have to breathe in exhalations of the sneezers and coughers in my taxi, subway car, bus, plane, or church pew (the lady with the cough or kid with sniffles is always behind me!). It even cuts down on bad smells! And I like the privacy of having less interaction with strangers.

    But it's sad to see the degrees of stress around this illness, masks and vaccine: both the nerves of those who are terrified of getting sick and the aggravation of those who are tired of rather invasive procedures. Honestly, the swab tests are, for me, right up there with having security ladies in the airport feeling my body. I am introverted and modest and tender-of-sinus and find it all extremely unpleasant. But hell would be worse. So I put it to good use for offering up and practicing charity.

    Even if I just stayed home and never went out again there will be unpleasant things to deal with.
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    It's easy enough to look through the CDC website and see that they have a distinction between deaths "with" and deaths "from" covid.
    Even now, people are reportedly dying "after" covid. However, they are not at all willing to start openly reporting deaths "after" routine vaccinations...

    Honestly, I think people should think it odd that people dying of all sorts of things were tested for covid, just for the heck of it.

    If you don't have a problem with masks or vaccines, that's good for you. However, at what point do you or anyone else have the right to force them onto or into anyone else?
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    Positive COVID tests bring in a lot of money from the government - there is a huge incentive to do the tests.
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    wearing of a mask to protect others from our possibly flu laden aerosol sprayed breath

    Catherine's view of masks is precisely correct: SHE wears one to prevent inhalation of Chinese Cooties. Therefore, there's no good reason for anyone else to burden themselves.

    The mask is a prophylactic. If you're concerned with catching the disease, wear one!!
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    ok... i did not want to bring the virus back into discussion as much as the other points the Cdl was hitting upon.

    (Let it be known that registering a 'death by covid' through Medicare payed out thousands of dollars to the institution.)
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