The Office Music of Saint Gengulphus
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    Noted earlier but now (after long Covid delay) up and running.

    Saint Gengulphus was a Burgundian knight of Varennes-sur-Amance in the present département of Haut Marne in the Grand Est region of Northeastern France. He was a man of outstanding piety and charitableness who served as a soldier under Pepin the Short, and whose martyrdom took the unusual form of being murdered (ca 760) by his wife’s lover. His name is entered as a saint and martyr in the Roman Martyrology on 11th May, which is generally accepted to have been the date of his death. He is particularly regarded as the patron saint of deceived husbands and unhappy marriages.

    Maybe this is a Saint that in this day and age of increasing numbers of divorces, broken and unhappy marriages might seem appropriate to try to breathe some new life into this neglected cultus.

    The Psalterium Foundation has found the C13th office music in a (now lost) manuscript and has transcribed the Messine notation (from the area around the city of Metz in NE France) into the square note notation familiar to this Forum.

    Here is a link to the music for his office:

    Full information on Saint Gengulphus himself (everthing you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask):

    The Psalterium Foundation has transcribed this music and hopes to record this in May of 2022 in Southern Burgundy.

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    Have just had another look at the hymn, the problem is not only do we have only a few hymns to this meter (Iambic trimeter) but many of the melodies have a split that does not fit this Hymn.

    I have now found a melody that fits,
    The global chant database has only one melody as found above...

    We need a database of meters and melodies!
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