Lessons I have learned... and lessons you have learned?
  • Some of mine:

    -The world is full of irrelevant noise that has nothing to do with Christ and the Gospel. The temptation is to fight the noise as it were a windmill. Ignore it, instead and make better noise.

    -The principles of tradition, familiarity, and home apply to a local parish as much as to the universal Church. Respecting these to the extent possible in any given place is a must for establishing goodwill.

    -Be firm, direct, concise, and gentle in dealing with negativity in or against your program.

    -Write for your ensembles and congregations often, if you have the gift. As David Cherwien taught me, it is one of the best means available to you of loving your assembly. Watching my high-schoolers light up at a Psalm I composed for them with their abilities, ranges, and favorite sounds in mind, is truly one of life’s most fulfilling moments.

    -Come, Holy Ghost is the Veni Creator in English. Holy God, We Praise Thy Name is the Te Deum. Hail, Holy Queen is the Salve. All Glory, Laud, and Honor is the better version of Gloria, Laus, et Honor. The originals are superb. Teach them as you can. Never forget, tho, that your people know and already have a beloved way of singing those prayers.

    -Even a psalm tone is chant. Doing even it well opens doors.

    -What people will like to sing is often a surprise. Try your favorites out and get ready to be surprised. Your passion will help.

    -Instruments bring the organ out in a great way and help it shine.

    -Each liturgy May be a step towards a Zielpunkt der Musik, but it is also a Perfect Act of divine worship in itself and must have its integrity respected. It is an end in itself, not a means to some musical goal.

    -Pray the Masses you play and direct — and not just, “my work is my prayer.”

    -Choir recruitment is the job of the choir members, not you.

    What have you learned?
  • CharlesW
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    What have I learned? That if you want a decent salary, work for the Protestants.
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