St. Mary's MS/HS Schola Cantorum -- "Mother of God, Here I Stand" by Sir John Tavener
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    Sung at school Mass at St. Mary in Sleepy Eye, MN this morning for the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary.

    Link to recording


    The unique wording of the prayer suggested to us that we offer it in particular for a longtime St. Mary's teacher who died last year, and for all the beloved dead. The entire student body were invited to join in this prayer in the silence of their hearts as the gifts were prepared. It was a deeply moving and prayer-filled moment.

    Thanks to Homecoming Week last week, the students were constrained to pull this off with one rehearsal.
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    Congrats on your superior Catholic school music program! Can only dream of such things around here
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    The students are a remarkable bunch. And also surprisingly ordinary! It's been a joy and blessing.
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