Origin of Anima Christi melody
  • I've been trying to track down the origin of this melody of the Anima Christi with no luck. You can find it here, though it appears to be transcribed somewhat incorrectly (as the Do clef should instead be a Fa clef):


    Does anybody have any knowledge on this chant or have any ideas of where I can track down this info?
  • This is the Norbertine chant version
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  • Thank you, nathanasius, I have had the same question for years. The printed copy of the chant that I inherited from who knows where has the initials "R.P." at the top corner of the score. I have no idea what or whom the initials signify.
  • I have it. It appears in Manuel des Bénédictions et Processions du Très Saint Sacrament / René Paris des Augustins de L'Assomption (1921), published by Desclee.
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  • Very interesting, JonathanKK. I take it, then, that René Paris, who published a transcription of the chant using his "Méthode R.P." in 1921, would not necessarily be the composer of the chant.
    It's a very effective melody, and more memorable perhaps than either of the two melodies for the same text printed in The Parish Book of Chant.
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    Beautiful "Anima Christi" at the beginning of the funeral Mass for Fr. Kapaun that was livestreamed today.