Louis Vierne Final Recital
  • I'm wondering if anyone would have the answer to something I've been wondering for a while. I'm assuming most on here know the tragic (but quite epic) story of Louis Vierne's death. Does anyone know what the program was for the first half of that recital? All I've ever found is that he played his own works.
  • Really interesting program annotating! This puts the style Messiaen's remarks in a new context.
  • Andrew, just to make sure I am reading this correctly: Vierne was going to play Roman numerals I and II, the Durufle would play III and IV? Vierne would have died after I but before II?

    Edit: My French is quite nonexistent. I'm inferring not reading the notes or markings.
  • Yes, that is what it means.

    The annotator Jean Fellot (1905-1967) was also a French organist of note, and was a young colleague of Vierne at the Schola at the time of Vierne’s death. According to this.

    (Full disclosure: I'd heard of Vierne and his early death, but everything else was Googled today.)
  • I speak French; you have it correct. The program was divided between Vierne (I & II) and Duruflé playing Vierne (III & IV).
  • Thank you guys. It never ceases to amaze me that there is always someone on here with the answer or who knows where to look.

    I didn't know that Durufle was actually supposed to play the second half of the recital. I knew he was in the loft when Vierne died, but I had thought that he was just up there to assist. Would I be correct to assume that the second half did not happen as planned?
  • The nugget about Duruflé was actually new to me. I have no idea if the recital continued or not. (I suspect not.)