Antiphons of the 13th century
  • Does anyone know the history and meaning of the Antiphons (Gregorian chant) of the 13th century?

    I am especially interested in the Franciscan Antiphons, i.e. "Salve Sancte Pater"; "O Sanctissima anima"; "O Patriarcha Pauperum" --

    One of our Sisters needs to teach these to the Community of Sisters here, before the Transitus of St. Francis -- so, since it is Latin text and Gregorian chant, it would help a lot if I knew the history behind the use of Antiphons in the liturgy of the 13th century and their importance in Franciscan tradition.

    Thank you!
    Sister M Ancilla
  • Sister,

    James Monti wrote a book (whose name escapes me!) about the development of the liturgy. I don't remember a section on music, but pressing matters required that I put the book down, so I didn't finish it.
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    That would be A Sense of the Sacred: Roman Catholic Worship in the Middle Ages . Puff :-
    Collected here is a wide range of ceremonies, encompassing the seven sacraments, the major feasts of the liturgical year (such as Christmas, Easter, and Corpus Christi), and special liturgical rites (from the coronation of the pope to the blessing of expectant mothers). The sacred celebrations have been drawn from countries across western and central Europe-from Portugal to Poland-but particular attention has been given to liturgical texts of medieval Spain, which until now have received relatively little attention from scholars.
    Historian James Monti has done exhaustive research on medieval liturgical manuscripts, early printed missals, and the writings of medieval liturgists and theologians so that the treasures they contain can inspire a sense of the sacred in future generations of Catholics.

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    Dear Sister M Ancilla,

    This may help, I have looked up the Antiphons in the Cantus Database,
    If you click on the source it will tell you where the manuscript comes from, some manuscripts are scanned and can be read online. Others the music has been transcribed so you can see how the music has changed or not over the centuries.

    The music for the feast of St. Francis can be found here,

    "Salve Sancte Pater";
    You will find links to Manuscripts in Switzerland from the 12th-14 c. one has the music!

    "O Sanctissima anima";
    This was the only one I could find it is Franciscan but a different Feast.

    "O Patriarcha Pauperum"
    Could not find an Antiphon but we have an Alleluia with this text followed by a parody Sequence
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  • Wow - interesting --
    I will have to spend more time with this--
    thank you!