Memento Homo: Ash Wednesday
  • AATB setting of the text for the distribution of the ashes.

    My conception of the piece is that it should operate like similar texts for the distribution of palms or candles, or perhaps like the antiphon for the Invitatory Psalm at Matins. (The "altera" would begin with the tenor part "Et in pulverem" in measure 23.) Which psalm seems most appropriate for a Mode 4 chanting between iterations of this music, on Ash Wednesday?

    Comments welcome.
  • rollingrj
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    I think the obvious answer is Psalm 50/51--"Miserere".
  • RollingRJ,

    Yes, that's certainly one, and high on the list of obvious choices.
    I had also "Domine, probasti me", or "In exitu Israel", in mind, for different reasons.