Te Deum Antiquus
  • There was a request from one of my organists for music for the Te Deum Antiquus in classical notation. I can't seem to find anything... does anyone happen to have on hand? Or else, I will just write it out for her. Thanks

    Sister Marie

  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    'Classical notation' seems in this case to mean something different than Solesmes-style: do you mean a 5-line staff? I remember when the usual solution was a sharp key signature and a ruled line on top.
    S. 27 and the 1924 Liber usualis (p1398) are indeed non-antique. If you're near a big library you might check the appendices to Early Tudor Organ Music (EECM vol. 6).
  • Yes 5 line staff... I personally like playing straight from the gregorian but not everyone is able to do that... but it seems that the simplex and solemnis are easily found on 5 staffs but not the antiquus for some reason... might just have to do it myself....