Let Our Sacrifice Be In Thy Sight - SAMen Three part mixed communion motet
  • Here is a motet based on excerpts from the canticle of Azariah in the Book of Daniel. The text is appropriate for communion or general use. It is meant to be sung in alternatim with portions of the canticle set to the tonus peregrinus. Hopefully it will be useful for those with smaller choral forces.

  • Beautiful work!
  • cmbearer
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    Very nice! I did see a typo on the word 'shall' in m. 15...
  • SalieriSalieri
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    Very nice. I like it.

    A couple of things though:

    Assuming that the 'e' on the first beat of bar 3 in the baritone part is to be e-natural, you need a natural sign.

    The baritone entrance in bar 7 (thy sight) is a bit awkward, coming in on an unprepared dissonance of a major seventh against the alto (which itself has a tritone with the soprano). What bothers my ear here is that I don't know what chord this is supposed to be: the a/e-flat tritone implies a dominant function, but the e-flat and b-flat imply E-flat Major. You may want to think about re-working this passage, especially if this is intended for small amateur choirs.
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  • Schönbergian
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    I felt like it was a typo and should have been a C instead of B-flat, mirroring the ascension of a perfect fourth in the alto.
  • ghmus7
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    Very nice. Did you use Finale or Sib? It's better to use work extentions- the line after a word in the text to indicate that the syllable continues through several pitches, otherwise the score looks empty.
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  • Thank you for the suggestions. I think in an earlier draft of this in bar 7 I had a diminished 7 chord resolving to B-flat in the upper parts in suspension against a B-flat tonic in the men's entrance. The rising fifth emulated the soprano entrance. My inner ear kept hearing that chord in subsequent drafts! I like Schönbergian's solution to this, though. Thank you for this!

    The score was edited in Musescore, ghmus7. Here is a revised draft with the new men's note and melismas added, and other hiccups fixed.
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  • cesarfranck
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    Love the composition.
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