Notation software, Tantacrul (and Musescore)
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    Just piggybacking off the recent discussions about notation software.

    Those investigating software options might find this series of video reviews made by Irish composer and software developer Martin Keary, aka Tantacrul, useful. They're long (~1hr), and the humour may not be to everyone's taste, but they are pretty thorough.

    He hasn't done Finale yet, but I imagine he will at some point.

    In the wake of his Musescore video, he was actually approached by the Musescore team and hired as head of design. Since then Musescore has been going from strength to strength, so the 2019 review is already quite outdated.

    And on that note...

    I'm happy to help anyone out with any questions they might have about using Musescore. I've gotten quite proficient, and there are lots of useful shortcuts to speed the engraving process up (like entering lyrics, especially for hymns). It's not as powerful as some of the other programs commercially available, but it is free, and accomplishes almost anything I need it to (chant notation being the usual gap).

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    I can warn people though that he gets many things in the Dorico one wrong. There’s a few times he says something isn’t possible when it is, and other times he keeps using the hard method when easier ways exist to do some things (popovers). The Sibelius one is hysterical; the musescore one is enlightening from a design perspective.
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    I use Muscore exclusively and I really like it. I find it very intuitive and simple to use. If I get stuck on something I can usually find an answer on the Muscore community. It does not do square notes but there are programs out there specifically made for doing chant. As with any program there is a certain learning curve and if you're used to using Finale or any other music program, you get used to where options and icons are and will find it difficult to navigate something new. I got that impression watching the video.
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    Oh, man, Tantacrul is a riot.
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    Sib 6 does not have the terrible upgrades of 7 and 8. I have used 6 since it first came out. Will prob switch to Dorico soon... will miss Sib 6.
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    D4 should be out in the relatively near future. I'm guessing October. They haven't committed to anything yet, but now that the ipad version has been released, they can pivot a bit to polish off the big program and they've indicated they don't want to wait toooo long. Who knows, but keep your eye out. If you can last until Christmas at the latest, then just wait for the new version to switch.