• I am seeking good resources for any decent spanish sacred music/hymns. The parish probably isn't in a place where to sing the propers yet, but Flor y Canto is our best resource right now... and from my limited Spanish abilities, I can tell that most of the music we are singing has not been 'updated' since the 1990s, at the earliest.
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    A good place to start might be with singing a more dignified, sturdier setting of the ordinary. There are decent ones in St. Michael Hymnal 4th Edition. There is also a small stable of nice Spanish hymns in SMH4.

    Some might quibble about the quality of the translations, but there is a large body of sturdy hymnody translated into Spanish in GIA’s Oramos Cantando hymnal. They also have Lectionary psalms in Spanish with verses set to Guimont psalm tones.

    I believe the folks at Ignatius Pew Missal have very simple Spanish chant propers, though I think they may be almost too simple. Janet Gorbitz and Susan DeMarco have composed chants for a bunch of Spanish proper texts.
  • Hi Father - Here's a handout with some resources I've collected.
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    If you send me a Private Message with your email, I can send you some good resources.

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    It's worth reaching out to my colleague at the diocese here, Francisco Carbonell. He is a very "legit" composer and a practicing church musician as well. I am always impressed with his ability to write for advanced OR modest groups. fcarbonell-at-bhmdiocese-dot-org.
  • In Flor y Canto, Misa Melodica is a very sturdy setting.
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    I hate to plug anything to do with GIA, but Carlos Zapien's Mass setting is nice: https://www.giamusic.com/store/resource/misa-al-sagrado-corazon-de-jesys-print-g10059
  • I use "Canta La Misa" from Ignatius Press; they have both a book of hymns and Mass ordinaries and a book of propers. It's similar in layout to the Ignatius Pew Missal in English.