2-year lectionary latin readings for Holy Week on the Liturgia Horarum
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    On the Notitiae 320 (1993, vol. 29; http://www.cultodivino.va/.../indici-annate/1993/320.html) there are the latin readings/responsories for the 2 year cycle of the Office of Readings, for Holy Week.

    My question is: can these readings be used instead of the one-year-cycle readings provided on most (if not all) printed versions and be used on the public recitation of the Liturgy of the Hours?

    Or are they just a proposal that can't be used and its their for the sake of discussion? Thank you!
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    There is an opinion here https://www.praytellblog.com/index.php/2018/10/18/liturgical-new-years-resolution-part-ii/ the most relevant part for your question is :-
    In general, it must be remembered that until the Congregation for Divine Worship (or a particular bishops’ conference) sees fit to release an editio typica of the Biennial Lectionary for the Liturgy of the Hours, be that in Volume V of the Liturgy of the Hours or in another format, all versions of the biennial Lectionary are neither fully official nor fully unofficial incarnations of the Biennial Lectionary.

    That webpage also contains suggestions of available sources.
    [ADDED] The Universalis app gives English and Latin (& other languages) but not the two-year cycle readings in Latin. It notes that the two-year cycle is not available in Latin.
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    That is very informative! My interest in the 2 year latim cycle for the Office of Readings Holy week Readings comes from the fact that the latin responsories on the 2 year cycle have melodies, v.s. the Latin responsories of the 1 year cycle which I can't find melodies for, on the Nocturnale or other sources
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    The two-year cycle has been given an additional revised treatment recently (cf. Notitiae 2020) and was sent to all the Episcopal Conferences worldwide to be used as the basis of their revisions. There is an excellent article in Notitiae 2020 that also treats the history of the two-year cycle and its variations over the past 5 decades. The letter of the Congregation to the Conferences mentions that an ongoing project in the CDW are now the two-year cycle of Patristic readings.


    The commentary in Notitiae (by the Italian Jesuit liturgist Mario Ariosto) concludes:

    "It is still to be hoped that the two-year cycle will be made available to those who
    pray with the Liturgy of the Hours, first in Latin, and then in other languages. Some
    hope might be offered by the publication of a Complementum to the Liturgia Horarum,
    but the ideal would be that of a tertia editio typica with the two-year cycle to be strongly
    recommended, although its adoption could be left to the pastoral judgement of the
    Episcopal Conferences."

    There is an experimental edition published in English (from the Philippines) of the two year English cycle, including the Patristic readings.
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