Panis Angelicus : HYMN with English Translation
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    I am looking for a good English translation that fits the well known hymn tune with the incipit 33554 36543... (sacris solemnis) doesn't seem to exist on cpdl, hymnary, wiki, etc.

    I found this, but not too fond of it.

    Thus Angels’ Bread is made
    the Bread of man today:
    the Living Bread from heaven
    with figures dost away:
    O wondrous gift indeed!
    the poor and lowly may
    upon their Lord and Master feed.

    Thee, therefore, we implore,
    o Godhead, One in Three,
    so may Thou visit us
    as we now worship Thee;
    and lead us on Thy way,
    That we at last may see
    the light wherein Thou dwellest aye.
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    It might be helpful to have a melody score to the tune you think is well known; just giving scale notation isn't likely to be enough. The meter you may be looking for (not sure if the tune you're searching for fits the text you don't care for...) is probably best noted as 66.66.668, but we all know that metrical indexes could use other ways to note it.

    Earlier thread from 7 years ago:
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    Here is hymn tune with Latin words.
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    Ah, the indeed well-known setting by Cesar Franck. I was thrown off by the 33554...instead of 333543.
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    No, Franck is 33221 13322
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    Yes, you're right. Lambillotte was the composer of the well-known congregational hymn tune. Alstott did an English text for OCP in 2001, first line being "Holy and Living Bread" -
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    Yes. I am looking for a PD translation that is time tested and solidly composed. This text talks about holding the bread in our hands... no can do.
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    There's a lovely translation pp. 193-194 of the HYMNARIUM O.P., published in 2013 by the Dominicans of the St. Joseph province. It's in lyrical, modern English (not an oxymoron!).

    The translation by John D. Chambers which begins this thread is considerably altered from its original, more pleasing form — particularly in the first verse:

    Lo! Angels' Bread is made
    The Bread of men today:
    The living Bread from heav'n
    With figures doth away:
    O wondrous boon indeed!
    Though poor and lowly, may
    The servant on his Master feed.

    Thee therefore we implore,
    O Godhead, One in Three,
    So may'st thou visit us
    As we now worship thee;
    And lead us on thy way,
    That we at last may see
    The Light wherein thou dwellest aye. Amen.

    Speaking of Dominicans, in the 1943 publication THE HYMNS OF THE DOMINICAN MISSAL AND BREVIARY, there's a translation by Hugh T. Henry, quite different from both the 2013 OP version and the Chambers:

    The Bread of Angels!—'tis
    The bread for men decreed:
    The types shall end in this,
    Fulfilled in very deed:
    Himself the Master gave
    Most lovingly to feed
    The poor, the lowly, and the slave.

    O triune Deity
    Worshipped with awful rite,
    We humbly ask of Thee:
    Dispel the shades of night;
    Enfranchise every mind,
    And lead us to the light
    Wherein for aye Thou art enshrined.
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